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Design a media kit for city official to use during a disaster

An applied research project is a specific type of research project that requires the creation, development, or improvement of a product, which has immediate applicability to Homeland Security and/or Emergency Management and is related to a strong personal or professional objective of the student.
Examples include:
• Development of curriculum and training packet to implement a table top or full-
scale exercise
• Updating an emergency operations plan of a local community or entity
• Design a media kit for city official to use during a disaster
• Creation of an large public awareness campaign
• Volunteer training manual for all key volunteer position during an emergency in a
city/county. Preferably, partner with a local agency that needs this tool.
In addition to the Summary Research Paper, the applied portion of the project demonstrates your understanding of the problem and the extensive research, thought, planning, and work you contributed to creating a solution/product to the identified problem.

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