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Discuss about observations of people’s culture, actions, and behaviors

I will upload the instructions and my lecture notes as the additional files.

You will need to use at least 5 class concepts or terms when writing the paper. You MUST underline or bold these terms in the paper to make sure I can easily find them. (those terms will be on the lecture notes)

The introduction to the paper should simply be a description of where in Los Angeles you are located and why it was selected for this assignment. The paper should center on how the key terms can be seen in your observations of people’s culture, actions, and behaviors. The conclusion should sum up your final thoughts. The key terms should not be an afterthought in the paper or all piled together in one paragraph. Use them strategically and often and do not use 25 of them randomly just in case. Focus the use of key terms in your observations.

Please read the instructions carefully and follow all the things my professor listed because she will graded on the paper with those requirements.

Thank you so much! I’m appreciated your help.

PS: DO NOT request this paper with the same writer as the order #EJ5922. Please ASSIGN a DIFFERENT WRITER for this paper. Thank you!

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