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Explain a real life problem and come up with a solution

In work, you will often be asked to solve problems. Therefore, you will need to know how to properly explain a problem and to propose a solution. This will demonstrate both your persuasive and analytical skills for business.

Subject: You will explain a real life problem and come up with a solution. Each student will identify and solve a different problem.
Example: This problem can be a problem on campus (for example, lack of free campus transportation), a problem in Santa Barbara (for example, not enough bike paths, too expensive apartments), a problem in the U.S. (for example, Visa for visiting students or workers), or a world problem (for example, is there a better alternative to using oil).
Length: Between 550-650 words (1-1.5 pages)
Format: Memo. Single spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, left justified, 1 inch margins. Block paragraphs. Double space between paragraphs. Headings for sections.
References: Your essay must have 3 or more references and use at least one citation per body paragraph. You must use APA style for your in-text citations and reference page.

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