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Provide background information on this organism, history, morphology, virulence factors, toxins, etc…

A 69 year old man named Phil went to the emergency room complaining headache, body aches and red blisters on his left neck and torso. Phil lives with his daughter and grandchildren in upstate New York. Patient history revealed that Phil is in fairly good health for his age and has no outstanding chronic health problems. Phil mentioned that two of his grandchildren recently contracted Strep throat in pre-school. Blister fluid samples were sent for analysis.
Lab results indicated that no gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria were found in the sample.
Based on the information presented in the case study, answer the following questions in your paper (see guidelines for additional info):
What microorganism do you believe is to blame for this illness (be specific)? Provide background information on this organism, history, morphology, virulence factors, toxins, etc…
What information from the patients symptoms contributed to your decision? Did this information allow you to rule out any other possible culprits? What information from the patients history and/or lab samples that contributed to your decision? Support your answers with factual evidence and logical reasoning.
What is the epidemiology of this disease? Identify risk factors for this disease and describe the disease course/outcome in humans.
What steps can be taken to treat the illness? How and why are the treatments effective (or ineffective)? Are there any concerns or other complications of this disease?
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A scientific case study is a short summary of an event or personal experience that ends in a “mystery”in this case, one that you will solve using your own research and the clues provided within the case study. For this project, you will evaluate a patient-centered case study that explores a mysterious bacterial or viral illness. The case study will include a set of questions to guide your analysis.
Your paper should include the following:
Paper format:
Once you have gathered all of your information, you will organize your case study analysis into an essay of 1,000 to 1,500 words (not including original case study OR references). The essay should include in-text citations and references formatted in APA style.
Format Guidelines: (please separate “pages” with a horizontal line in the text box)
– Page 1: Should include the following:
– Name
– Case study text you were given (do not include the questions)

– Page 2: Begin your paper here

Brief introduction to the disease and the bacterial or viral cause of the disease.
Use the evidence provided in the case study and the information you have gathered from references to support your conclusions.
The answers to the case study questions should be worked into your final document in a logical, well-organized manner. Think of the questions as a guide to help you with the content of your paper. You should NOT simply answer these questions one by one in your paper.
Paper should be 1,000 to 1,500 words (not including original case study or references).
Use in-text citations and include reference citations at the end of the paper
You must have a minimum of two outside sources to support your evaluation.
These can consist of any of the following: books, textbooks, scholarly journal articles, and websites run by reputable government organizations (such as the CDC or NIH).
You may have additional references as well. All of your references should be no more than six years old (published in 2005 or later).

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