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Write about Political Platform and 9 Point Program

Political Platform and 9 Point Program
Students will present concrete policy proposals to address the following issues/problems/themes:
1) Economic Policy

2) Civil Liberties and National Security

3) The Media

4) The Party System

5) Campaign Finance

6) Lobbying

7) Judicial Activism

8) Major Domestic Policy Issue (your choice)

9) Major Foreign Policy Issue (your choice)


•The student should address each issue/problem/theme with AT LEAST a DETAILED paragraph under a bold header (separating each issue so I can clearly see which one you are addressing).
•Students are required to 1) point to a concern in each policy area (in other words, tell me what’s wrong), 2) how they would go about fixing it, and 3) “sell” it to the American people (in other words explain how you would pay for or implement the fix (i.e., would it come from taxes or tax breaks or defunding other agencies? How would you instruct the appropriate U.S. federal agency to act? What kind of bill would you propose?) and how you would convince the American people it is a good idea).

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