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Please be careful when you write the papers. Is two question. 300-500 words per essay. (( For all artworks discussed, include name of artist, title of work, medium, and date)).
1- EXPERIENCES OF DIASPORA: Reflect upon and compare at least 2 artists discussed presented in the oral presentations whose work touches upon themes of diaspora, race, and identity. Include references to at least one of the assigned readings for the course. Discuss one work by each of these artists that relates to social and cultural issues for people living in a diaspora.(( THE ARTISTS ARE KIKISMITH AND KERRY JAMES MARSHALL)).
2- PERFORMING GENDER AND SEXUALITY: Sexual and gender identity is the focus of performance art works of the 1970s and 1980s by many feminist artists and by a number of artists who became the focus of the culture wars. How do these individuals challenge stereotypical notions of masculinity and femininity, beauty, the body, and desire? How has there been a lasting impact in reframing the binary interpretation of gender and sexuality in American society? Use examples of 2 or 3 artists discussed in class lectures, in your book, or in oral presentations. ((The file I attached under neam Feminist Artists)).
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