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Compare and contrast the utilitarian view of animal rights with Regan’s view of animal rights.


In a one-page paper, compare and contrast the utilitarian view of animal rights with Regan’s view of animal rights. Though a stance is not required, be sure you have identified the theories to be compared in your introductory paragraph.

See the International Encyclopedia of Philosophy for Regan’s view (Scroll to 3b)

Animals and Ethics

Clearly declare a stance/thesis in introductory paragraph
Two full pages are required
Cover page and reference page required
APA formatting is required
Two pieces of support from the week’s material are required
Supporting your work:

Use at least two pieces of information from this week’s assigned material to support your work. You have an option to supplement your work with additional material if needed, which must be from scholarly sources (i.e., peer-reviewed journal articles, books, etc.). Wikipedia is not a credible source.

All direct quotations and information taken from your sources must be credited using APA Style®. Resources on APA Style® may be found in the Hondros Library by clicking the ‘APA Resources’ link on the left navigation.

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