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Write about Political and Symbolic frames each need 3 concept problem analysis

Please use the template to write the paper. Political and Symbolic frames each need 3 concept problem analysis. Each frame concept has to have 3 problems and you are going to use the 5 why’s in which is like a guessing tool till you reach the root cause of the problem and after that you have a recommendation for the problem you need to provide and after that 2 negative ramifications like what would happen. This is for each frame concept that you need to choose that fits the political and symbolic. Symbolic frame is the same thing, 3 problems, a recommendation for each problem and ramification for each problem. See uploaded structural and human resource frame for a sample but it does not have 2 ramifications and it did not state what the problem is “problem statement” you need to state it. The template is a guide for each problem you will adress from the case study uploaded. Also please check the political frame and symbolic frame concepts that you are choosing from that applieas on the problem you are stating it also discribes some of the things in both frames. The template is an easy fill in the blanks for each problem concept so then when writing the paper it is not confusing. Each frame needs 3 problems analysis with differnet concepts and each problem in the frame has to have 1 recemmendation and 2 ramifications so make sure you include these and check the sample paper of the other frames comments so you have an idea

See uploaded instructions and please follow them carefully.

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