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Examine Measurement Techniques , Subject: Chemical Engineering

Select three different formulated# products and select for each an appropriate characterisation technique. You should pick a different technique for each of your products. (You may select techniques you learnt about on the module or others). For each product and its associated characterisation techniques, answer the following questions.

A) Explain specifically how does the microstructure / physical properties of your three products determine its performance (3 x 7 %)

B) Justify why you have chosen the particular technique for the particular products. (3 x 5 %)

C) Explain the scientific / engineering basis of your chosen technique (3 x 7 %) and its advantages and disadvantages (3 x 3 %)

D) Explain what other techniques might be used or have previously been used to characterise your chosen product (3 x 8 %)
The remaining 10 % of the marks will be allocated for full references, use of English and presentation.

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