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Explain your reasons for wanting to study the course Bsc in electrical engineering.

1. strong personal statement for university application for HBKU university
general information about me: 1. graduated from qatar university Bsc in electrical engineering, summer 2015. 2. gpa was 3.14 3. i should seem smart and intellectual. 4. should give reasons why i want this master. 5. i am passionate about engineering. 6. working at the qatar general electricity and water corporation. 6. studying this major would help me in my job, career. 7. achievemnets have been in the deans list for 3 semesters. 8.
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1. Explain your reasons for wanting to study the course

What motivates me to take this course. Mention how my interest developed, what you have done to pursue it or how youve drawn inspiration from your current studies.

provide this as one of the reasons

Alighnment with Qatar National Vision 2030

QNV 2030 aims to promote an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for all. Through the four interconnected pillars of human, social, economic and environmental development, we can achieve this vision. In this endeavor, the exciting Tarsheed campaign will help to ensure that Qatar is able to achieve some critical goals for water and electricity conservation. If we get it right, together with public and media participation, this will go a long way to fulfiling the promise we made to do the right thing for not only our future, but for the future of the generations to come. The launching of Tarsheed provides everyone in Qatar with the unique opportunity to tap into this news mindset and to become leading lights in building Qatar for the future.

2. Explain how you”re right for the course

Provide evidence that you fit the bill not only that you meet the selection criteria but also that youve researched the course or profession and understand what studying the subject at university level will involve, and that you are prepared for this.

“Keep on topic and show that youve really done your research and know why you want to do the master

3. Say what youve done outside the classroom

If possible, outline how youve pursued your interest in your chosen subject beyond your current syllabus.

training course at KAHRAMAA about renewable energy and the new generation of energy.
working 2 months internship at TARSHEED the department in qatar responsible for renewable energy and
For example, talk about any further reading youve done around the subject and give your critical views or reflective opinions about it. This could be from books, quality newspapers, websites, periodicals or scientific journals or from films, documentaries, blogs, radio programmes, podcasts, attending public lectures and so on.

But try to avoid mentioning the wider reading that everyone else is doing.

“If I have to read about Freakonomics once more, Ill scream!” (Economics admissions tutor)

Make your personal statement stand out
4. Why its relevant to your JOB

Reflect on your experiences, explaining what youve learned from them or how theyve helped develop your interest in the subject it could be work experience, volunteering, a university taster session or outreach programme, summer schools, museum, gallery or theatre visits, archaeological digs, visits to the local courts, travel, competitions or a maths challenge.

“It doesnt have to be anything fancy!” (Archaeology admissions tutor)

5. And relevant to your chosen career

Reflecting on relevant experience or observation will be essential for some professional courses where, in effect, youre applying for the career as well as the course:

“Whatever environment youve been in, what did you spot or learn from what happens there, or what have you observed about how the qualities exhibited by professional staff helped them engage effectively with patients or service-users?” (Medicine admissions tutor)

“Reflect on your experience, dont just describe it. Talk about the skills the profession needs, how youve noticed this and how youve developed those skills yourself.” (Occupational Therapy admissions tutor)

How to make your work experience count in your personal statement
6. Can you demonstrate transferable skills?

Yes you can and admissions tutors will want to hear about them. It could be your ability for working independently, teamwork, good time management, problem-solving, leadership, listening or organisational skills.

7. Expand on the most relevant ones

But dont simply list off the skills you think you have think about which ones relate most readily to the course youre applying to, then demonstrate how youve developed, used and improved these. Again, admissions tutors want to hear about specific examples, like:

projects and assignments (what role did you play, what went well?)
my senior year project was developing smart electric wheelchair that has the feature of charging the battery by solar energy. my role was leader of the group.

positions of responsibility (what did you achieve, how has it improved your self-confidence?)
volunteering or a part-time job (what have you observed, what extra responsibilities have you taken on, what skills have you demonstrated yourself?).
8. Show that youre a critical thinker

University is all about being able to think independently and analytically so being able to demonstrate that youre working like this already is a big plus point. Briefly explaining how one of your A-level subjects, a BTEC assignment or placement, or additional studies such as the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) has made you think more critically could be a way of doing this.

9. Whats the long-term plan?

Mention what your longer term goals are if you can do it in an interesting way and youve got a specific path in mind. But, if you do, then try and show a spark of individuality or imagination.

my plan is to get a PHD in engineering and never stop learning. i have so much dreams and very optimistic about my future, i would like to become a successful engineer serving my country and people in all ways i can.

10. Keep it positive

It can be difficult to get going with your personal statement, but dont panic. Start with your strengths, focus on your enthusiasm for the course and talk positively about yourself.

you can mention an obstacle the i overcame the pain of my fathers sudden death by a heart attack in the first day of third year final exams. i did not skip an exam even when i had 4 exams left. i did very good and i was in the deans list for that semester.

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