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Explain the relationship between social policy and social work practice

.The book we used ids Social Policy for Effective Practice A Strengths Approach By: Rosemary Chapin Third Edition. Use own words when explaining no quote but us terms from the book. Number each question

1)Policy practice is critical to effective social work practice. Describe how you, as a case manager for mentally ill adolescents, might integrate policy practice activities into your social work practice.
a)First, explain the relationship between social policy and social work practice.
b)Be specific regarding how you would integrate policy with your mentally ill adolescent clients at your agency. Offer SPECIFIC strategies.

2)Discuss how you would approach the issue of youth gangs from a PROBLEM-CENTERED vs. A STRENGTHS BASED APPROACH.

a)First distinguish between a problem-centered vs. strengths-based approach (define each).
b)Using BOTH approaches, explain in detail the strategies you would suggest to solve the issue of youth gangs (policy development).

3)You have been asked by your agency to analyze a current policy in which the legislature has passed a bill increasing funds for alternatives to incarceration for juvenile offenders. What are the five elements (framework for policy analysis) you would utilize to analyze the policy.

a)Briefly define and relate ENCH element to the current juvenile policy.
b)Select ONE TOPIC BELOW and explain why it is important to understand the following when analyzing the policy. (1) history of the policy; (2) economic and political context in which the policy was created; (3) knowledge of diverse cultures and backgrounds

4)From a strengths perspective, what policy changes would be most beneficial in preventing child maltreatment. Be specific in your actions and or policies. Review policies already discussed in your Children and Families section.

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