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Describe the physical Mechanically Powered Toy

You will design, build, and test a mechanically powered toy vehicle.
Here are some of the rules for your project:
You may design and build any mechanically powered toy. Use only mechanical power, no electric motors.
The toy must move forward (not spin).
You will not be graded on size or complexity, so don’t spend much money. It’s best to make the toy out of materials available around your home.
You must document the motion of your vehicle in its test with photos or video and calculate its acceleration, velocity, momentum, and kinetic energy.
You will submit a report on the design, construction, and performance of your toy vehicle.

Your report must be specific.
Inventors submit patent applications to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in which they specify the design and principles of their invention and how it is different from other devices. Similarly, your report will have the following:

Name of the toy
Schematic drawing illustrating the parts of the toy
Description of how the toy is constructed
Description of how the toy is operated
Detailed description of the physics principles that the toy uses to move
Documentation of the toy’s performance (photos or video)
Physics calculations of motion, including acceleration, velocity, momentum, and kinetic energy; include your calculations

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