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Describe Virtual Museum or local museum review

Project description
online virtual museum critique, or in person museum (local to Los Angeles County, Orange County) A Field Trip Report that accomplishes all of the following will be awarded the maximum points (30 maximum possible points):
Submitted on time
At least 200 words in length
Describes a real visit by the student to an art museum (literal or virtual)
Clearly states the museums name and location, and the date on which the student visited the museum (physical location or location on the web)
Written entirely in the students own words (no cut and paste, no cut and paste with a few alterations)
Summarizes the visit: actions, experiences, etc.
Describes at least three of the museums separate sections or exhibits
Describes at least one creative work found in each of those separate sections or exhibits
Any historical, philosophical or artistic term that will likely be new to students is explained or defined.


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