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Write a Concert review of Indian classical music

I take music class and I learn how to play Sitar which is one of the Indian classical Music. So it is better to write about Sitar and I\’d like you to write about Sitar.

Two professor played Indian classical music together on this concert. One of professors played Sitar and the other played Tabla.

Term Paper is about Concert review and Indian classical music (Sitar)

All students are required to attend the April 23, Concert of Indian Classical Music by Kartik Seshadri and Arup Chattopadhyay at CPMC and write a 1 page (double spaced) review of the Concert and on Indian Classical Music. On the term paper, please note that any signs of plagiarism will be treated very seriously. You will need to research concepts for your paper such as: Sitar, Tabla, Tambura that are central to Indian Classical Music. And do not forget to cite your sources and make full page (no half page).

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