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Discuss Pastoral Theory and Practice. Subject is \’Other\’ meaningTheology

Project description
please go to www.spurgeonsonline.ac.org. User Name: jkoroma Password: sierra leone then go to Download names and open Dotha Blackwood. Go to 163 Pastoral Theory and Practice and scroll to 00.01 to open Assessment, Dead Line written in BLUE. This is No.1 expectations/guidelines. Next we have 00.03 Useful Books on topical issues (54K). Please select ONE issue you can write on with reading list immediately below it. Please look at General Reading List as well. Also look at 0.05 Exegesis and reflection before you to *01.02 ie 4AS Model of Theological Reflection (Guidelines No.2) is the format and argument structure to follow. Please go to 01 Lecture 1-Slides(compatibility mode) 500k, as an added guideline. Depending on the topic you choose please consider 01.01, 03.01 and 03.02 . Referencing Guidelines Recommended is on List of Names, click * Y-Library and Online facilities will lead you to RECOMMENDED referencing guidelines and NOT Harvard style. PLEASE NOTE! This work and previous two ie code 1463438 and 1464093 have a 2000 word count ie Essay and foot note. But excluding Bibliography. Finally you may add one or two credible websites sources

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