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Evaluate relapse prevention from relapse management. What are the various relapse prevention and relapse management strategies that clinicians can implement?

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There has been much controversy regarding the concepts of slips, lapses, and relapses. Proponents of traditional models uphold that any return to use should be considered a relapse. These
models support abstinence-based principles, believing that because addiction is a disease, even
a one-time, small use will inevitably lead to a return to problem use. On the other hand, more contemporary models support harm-reduction strategies that promote the idea of relapse as a continuum. Small breaks from abstinence are considered slips or lapses, which helps the client
to see these slips as mistakes rather than feeling as if they are a failure. Contemporary models
also support the idea that relapse is a part of recovery and should be anticipated and planned for. This normalization of the relapse process can help clients increase feelings of self-ef cacy and helps to decrease the possibility of the Abstinence Violation Effect (AVE), which can cause a small slip to turn into a full-blown relapse.

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