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How have the old-fashioned forms of racism, sexism, etc., changed in the present day?

This paper have to be 6 pages double spaced
Here is the link to where you can upload the textbook for free. Go on:
The book online is the 5th edition, but we are required to use the 7th edition textbook. You can still use the 5th edition because they have the same information they are just worded differently. For this assignment read chapter 5 in the textbook, but I also want you to go on my student account and read the power points on chapter 6. Since the textbook editions are different please make sure that you read chapter 6 power points online after you are done reading chapter 5 in the textbook.
When you are done the readings follow the instructions downlowInstructions:

Conduct an in-depth analysis of a microaggression example from the media (e.g., newspaper article, movie excerpt, advertisement). Your analysis should include:
1. A summary of the incident (what happened that you believe is a microaggression)
2. Explanation of which type of incident: microassault, microinsult, or microinvalidation?
3. Connection to a theme from the tables in the chapter
4. Description of any relevant dilemmas or dynamics from the chapter

Use the following questions to guide your analysis:
1. How have the old-fashioned forms of racism, sexism, etc., changed in the present day?
2. What are some ways to prevent microaggressions?
3. If your client brings a microaggression to your attention, how might you respond?
4. Are there any groups in particular that you feel you may be more likely to microaggress?
5. Why is the term “micro” aggression when the act seems to have major consequences for the victim?When you answer these questions please be specific, for example when you answer the first question write it like this “A summary of the incident that I believe is a microaggression is”…… And do the same for the rest of the questions. Be specific enough where I can know that you are answering the questions so that I can know exactly what questions you are answering.To access my student account to read chapter 6 power point please follow these steps
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on login
Step 3: Once you click on login, click on login again under blackboard.
Step 4: My username and password will come up
Step 5: Username: beje236928
Password: Winter16 (Please capitalize the W)
Step 6: Look to your right and click on multicultural issues in counseling
When you get there you will see it say Mcc530 summer 2016 power points. After you are done clicking on the power point click on chapter 6 to read the powerpoint. Please make sure this paper is single spaced. 6 pages and that do not include the reference or cover page. 6 pages of information, single spaced.

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