breastfeeding in public shouldn\’t be allowed- you should have to cover up

Project description
This is a speech- no cover letter is necessary- no headers no footers

This is an advocacy, and thus persuasion, speech, meaning you MUST take a position.
Formulate a purpose statement that is a proposition of FACT, Value, or POLICY (as defined in the text and in the Toulmin Argument Structure) and present 2 main points, which is to say, two major claims to support your position on your topic.
Develop solid arguments to support your position. That is, PROVE the truth of your claims with subclaims and grounds. Remember, too, that you take a position after reading the research.

You must cite at least 5 credible sources in the speech. Credible/Reputable sources include books, articles, newspapers (e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post), academic journals (i.e. peer-reviewed journals), government websites (e.g. CDC or NIH), experts, library databases, etc. You CANNOT simply Google your research, although you can use Google Scholar.

Time Limit: 7-8 minutes (You will have a 15-second grace period 7:458:15 without penalty. For every 15-seconds or fraction thereof below or above that grace period, you will receive a one-point deduction from your score)