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Examine the sources of knowledge that contribute to professional nursing practice.

Guidelines for Topic Search Strategy Paper,, The Topic Search Strategy Paper is the first of three related assignments which are due in Unit 3. The p,urpose of this initial paper is to briefly describe your search strategies when identifying two articles that pertain to an evidence-based practice topic of interest.
COURSE OUTCOMESThis assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes.
CO 1: Examine the sources of knowledge that contribute to professional nursing practice. (PO #7)
CO 2: Apply research principles to the interpretation of the content of published research studies. (POs
#4 and #8)
Refer to the course calendar for due date. The college’s Late Assignment policy applies to this activity.
This assignment is worth 150 points. The college’s Late Assignment policy applies to this activity.
You will be assigned a group in unit 2 (located in the team collaboration tab) to formulate an evidence-based practice topic of interest that will be used to complete the unit 3 and unit 5 independent assignments, as well as the group PowerPoint presentation in unit 7.The paper will include the following.
a. Clinical Question
a. Describe problem
b. Significance of problem in terms of outcomes or statistics
c. Your PICOT question in support of the group topic
d. Purpose of your paper
b. Levels of Evidence
a. Type of question asked
b. Best evidence found to answer question
c. Search Strategy
a. Search terms
b. Databases used (you may use Google Scholar in addition to the library databases; start with the Library)
c. Refinement decisions made
d. Identification of two most relevant articles
d. Format
a. Correct grammar and spelling
b. Use of headings for each section
c. Use of APA format (sixth edition)
d. Page length: three to four pages
PREPARING THE PAPER1. Please make sure you do not duplicate articles within your group.
2. Paper should include a title page and a reference page.DIRECTIONS AND ASSIGNMENT CRITERIAAssignment
Criteria Points % Description
Clinical Question 45 30 1. Problem is described. What is the focus of your group’s work?
2. Significance of the problem is described. What health outcomes result from your problem? Or what statistics document this is a problem? You may find support on websites for government or professional organizations.
3. What is your PICOT question?
4. Purpose of your paper. What will your paper do or describe?
This is similar to a problem statement. “The purpose of this paper is to . . .”turnitin in has to be under 25%

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