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You drop oyur Laptop; what is its acceleration as it hits the ground?

Project description
submit a 4-5 page paper, prepared using current APA standards (title page, abstract, 2-3 pages of text with no more than 1 page of that being diagrams/pictures, and a reference page). Writing should show college-level work and be free of grammatical errors. Proper citation of appropriate sources is important to your grade. Citations or research from non-professional or non-refereed sources, including but not limited to Wikipedia, Ask, and Yahoo! Answers, will not be accepted.

1.How did you determine the acceleration? What equations did you need? What values did you use for the variables? How did you determine those values?
2. How does this acceleration compare to what a human can safely endure without harm? How does it compare to the acceleration of other objects?
3. Discuss what would happen (conceptually) if the laptop lands on a corner versus one of the sides. What happens (conceptually) if the laptop is dropped on concrete as opposed to a more forgiving surface?

will attach some of the work and the questions already completed, that just needs to be written out in form
Instruction files

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