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Clearly explain a well-developed approach to risk management

Project description
The Scenario
You have been awarded a ten-week internship as a commodity trading advisor (CTA). We are your commodity pool operators (CPOs) your supervisors, in other words and we have allotted you $1 million to use for margin. At the close of the ten weeks, some members of the trading intern class will be retained as full-time CTAs, and it is your objective to obtain one of those positions. Your only tool in this endeavor is a written report to us that makes a very specific argument for why you are an ideal candidate for retention.

The Report
Again, your reports primary objective is to convince your readers to offer you a full-time, permanent position. As your professors, we will evaluate your report based on the extent to which you present yourself as a thoughtful, analytical, and prudent investor. We will
not grade your report based on your trading results.

Effective reports will:
-Make a persuasive argument for retention, regardless of portfolio outcomes
-Support that argument with specific, concrete evidence of thoughtful, analytical trading
-Clearly explain a well-developed approach to risk management
-Acknowledge challenges and setbacks
-reveal analytical, reflective responses to those setbacks
-Identify and appropriately cite all sources of outside information
-Have a professional appearance
-Have an engaging persona behind them
-Be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes

You may only trade commodity futures and commodity futures options, that is, commodities such as copper, oil, cotton, corn, sugar, coffee, etc. You cannot
trade interest rate futures, stock futures, stock index futures, or
currency futures.

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