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demonstrate many of the characteristics and criteria of technical communication

Your final assignment, a short report, will demonstrate many of the characteristics and criteria of technical communication that you learned in this class. In particular, this report will contain elements of design and formatting (bold headings, sub-headings, listing, etc.) that are common to most written reports. It will be 5-7 pages in length. Depending upon your interests, purpose and choice of a topic, it may contain graphic support and a listing of sources from which you researched some information; however, graphics and research are not required for this final assignment. If you do perform research to support some of your ideas, a separate works cited page should be attached as well.The report should comprise approximately 5 to 7 pages in length. It may be in the form of a letter, a memo, or merely a short-report format. You will notice that the attached examples comprise each of these forms.This short report will be largely informational, but it may contain recommendations as well, depending upon your purpose.The following examples could be construed as mostly providing both information and recommendations to its readers:You may want to consider a reasonable real-world context when you create this report. Following are some ideas and topic choices to consider:Our company uses traditional surveying tools in its contracting business. Should we be using GPS surveying tools instead? This short report would probably be best suited in the form of a recommendation memo to management detailing background information, current systems used and projected advantages of converting to GPS tools.
Our company has decided to purchase 10 multimedia computers. Which brand and model should we buy, and from whom should we buy them? This report could also make a recommendation after comparing models, brands, vendors, warranty information, etc. (the short report example attached—recommending High Definition Televisions for a restaurant is a model of this).
Our company does not currently offer day care for our employees. Should we? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? What forms can day care take? How would it be paid for?Following are some ideas for topics:the need to provide legal file-sharing access to students.
the value of using social media to form ties with a technical-communication class on another campus
the need for expanded opportunities for internships in your major
the need to create an advisory board of industry professional s to provide expertise about your major
the need to raise money to keep the college’s computer labs up-to-date
the need to evaluate your major to ensure that it is responsive to students’ needs
the advisability of starting a campus branch of a professional organization in your field
the need to improve parking facilities on campus
the need to create or improve multicultural organizations on campusThe following are likewise additional information report topics to consider:an information report that characterizes the working conditions in your target career area
a recommendation report in the form of a memo to management that offers suggestions for retaining employees.
Imagine that you made an agreement with your parents (or spouse, partner, relative) that you would submit a report describing the headway toward your educational goal (employment, certificate, or degree). In a memo format, write a report that fulfills your promise by describing and informing your reader(s) what progress you’ve made in this important effort. In your memo make sure to (1) describe your goal; (2) summarize the work you have completed thus far; (3) discuss the work currently in progress—including obstacles (if any) and your successes; and (4) forecast your future activities in relation to your scheduled completion date.

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