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Role in Homeland Defense: What does the agency itself say about its own role in Homeland Defense?

Project description
Research paper to be done in APA format, MS Word only, 12 point font, double spaced format. No Wikipedia. will need Cited references for bibliography. internet references preferred.

Research is to be on three Agencies. Agencies to follow: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Virginia Fusion Center, and Norfolk Virginia Police Homeland Security Division.
Format of research paper: each agency needs to be in its own format as shown below.

Name of Agency:
a. Jurisdiction: area it covers?
b. Size: how many members? sworn and unsworn?
c. Missions: says its responsibilities are?

Role in Homeland Defense:
What does the agency itself say about its own role in Homeland Defense?
What do other sources say? (example news media)

Summarize and Discuss:
1 each story (news media) from each agency in which Homeland Defense issues have arisen: examples can be
a. Arrests of terrorists
b. Interdiction of terrorist plans
c. Seizure of terrorist supplies or materials
d. Successful cooperation with other U.S. or foreign agencies.

Core Values of each Agency:
What are the CVs of each agency?
a. List the Core Values
b. How do the Core Values affect the balancing of the agencies missions to safeguard our nation with American traditional and constitutional respect for individual liberties?

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