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Discuss and expalin Developmental Disabilities NB

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The purpose of this assignment is to allow you the opportunity to further explore specific topics within the field of developmental disabilities. You are to develop a summation of your knowledge of seven key points. Each key point represents a section of the notebook that should be handled as a brief paper. For each key point, include a summary literature review supporting your knowledge and at least 2 artifacts or samples. The summary literature review should be a minimum of two pages each, written in APA format and include at least three refereed journal articles (primary sources only) and/or legal reports/documents. Additionally, a one-page summary must accompany each artifact including: (1) a description, (2) reason for selection and (3) how item relates to literature. You may not use the same artifact in more than one section. Possible artifacts include (but are not limited to): summaries of outside textbook chapters, sample IEP goals and objectives, medical literature, case studies, intervention plans, and testimonials or interviews with administrators, students, or parents. Please diversify your artifacts within each section; but most importantly, be creative!

1. Overall summation (discussion)

2. Assessment and Identification (literature review and artifacts)
3. Public Policy and Legal Aspects of DD (Literature review and artifacts)
4. Medical Aspects of DD (literature review and artifacts)
5. Family and Home Environment (literature review and artifacts)
6. Asperger Syndrome
7. Fragile X Syndrome (literature review and artifacts)
8. Psychological Aspects of DD (literature review and artifacts)
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