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Explain what theories will inform my practice as a critical social worker

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What theories will inform my practice as a critical social worker?
This assessment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of critical approaches to social work
through an analysis of different theoretical approaches to social work practice. In answering the question
above you should: refer to key theories and theorists discussed during the semester, explaining how key
principles of critical social work will shape your identity as a social work practitioner; and illustrate the
application of principles of critical social work practice to at least three different examples/fields of practice.
This essay will count for 55% of your final grade.
Criteria for assessment 2:
Accurate identification and description of critical social work principles; application of different theoretical
perspectives to particular fields of practice; critical analysis of the assumptions underlying particular
theoretical approaches; reference to core and additional readings; professional presentation (Harvard/APA
referencing, 1.5 spacing, spellchecked).
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