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Explain Media Imperialism and the relationship between media, culture and identity in Asia

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In this assignment you are asked to evaluate the utility of the ‘media imperialism’ thesis for understanding the relationship between media, culture and identity in Asia. Use 1-2 recent case studies (from the last 12 months) to support your argument.

For this assignment you will need to engage with at least 4 of the readings from module 2 to frame your discussion. You will also need to use additional materials (newspaper reports, magazine articles, other academic texts etc.) to support your discussions.

These can include information about recent examples or case studies.

Additional information
If you are having difficulty finding a recent case study to examine, a good starting point would be to look at the topics in module 2 and pick one that you found interesting. For example, if you enjoyed looking at K-pop, you can engage with those readings and use more recent K-pop examples to see if those arguments can still be applied. Similarly, you can look at more recent McDonald’s advertisements, Anime releases, video games etc. to support your argument.

Marking criteria
Your assignment will be assessed according to the extent to which you:
-respond to the assignment task
-use relevant and appropriate examples/case studies
-demonstrate critical engagement with the subject
-apply concepts to everyday experience by making links between the readings and your examples/case
-demonstrate you have understood and engaged with at least four of the readings from module 2 l provide a structured and organised discussion with a cohesive argument.
-demonstrate clarity of writing and follow the principles of academic referencing.

Do email me for the readings as you will need to cite it. Thank you!
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