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Write an educational report about a fictional student with these testing results, interpretations, and recommendations.

I uploaded PDF of the chapters.
This not a research paper assignment. You must follow the directives in order to pass the assignment.
Time to put all of your assessment knowledge into practice

For your final project, use the Week 5 Data file provided from a variety of assessments.
The Week 5 Data file provides cognitive, academic/achievement, and behavioral data. There is no need to change the cognitive/intellectual portion. The cognitive portion is provided to give you a better idea of the strengths and weaknesses of this student to help you with your recommendations and to give you a better overall picture of the student. Add the academic/achievement and the behavioral pieces of information.
1. Write an educational report about a fictional student with these testing results, interpretations, and recommendations.
2. Review Writing a Comprehensive Report in Special Education for suggested elements of a comprehensive report. Also, an example of a comprehensive report has been provided for you to read and use as an outline if needed. Your report will be based on a fictional student, but will include all the report sections as well as the assessment data, interpretations, and recommendations. Include:
• Identifying information
• Reason for referral
• Background
• Assessment data (description of assessment, validity statement, graph/chart of data, and then a paragraph explaining the data). You may add the CBM data that you compiled a few weeks ago!
• Medical
• Summary (just include a brief overview of each element of assessment data)
• Recommendations (include appropriate goals in an IEP)
• Signature
Use all that you have learned over the past five weeks and apply it to help this student.
Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style 6th edition

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