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Affirmative action programs should be abolished because race should not be a factor in choosing people.Discuss

Using both the Toulmin model of argument and the \”Revising Thesis Statements\” handout as guides, analyze at least two of the following weak claims:

Affirmative action programs should be abolished because race should not be a factor in choosing people.
Problems lower class people face can be solved through education.
Although it wasn’t always true, women nowadays have the same opportunities as men.
Homosexuals should be able to get married just like straight people.
Autistic children can be helped with better research and understanding.
Society needs to recognize that illegal immigration laws are not successful.
Ignore the fact that these are on the no-go list (claims like these are why there\’s a no-go list) and focus instead on why these are weak claims. Can they be fixed? If so, how? If not, why not? Pay special attention to whether there is a flaw somewhere, such as a warrant in need of backing or a logical fallacy. Are there problems with language choices or definitions of terms that are not effective?

As always, posts should be around 150-200 words, and you may comment on others\’ ideas, but try to stick to your own ideas in the post. Feel free to \”like\” your peers\’ posts if you read something noteworthy or interesting.

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