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discuss on abortion that arguably merits more attention than it is receiving today.

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For this essay, student will discuss on abortion that arguably merits more attention than it is receiving today. Abortion is an issue that has received much attention in the past, but one could argue it requires a new approach today. You must argue that this topic merits more attention than it has received or is receiving to date.

The essay must accomplish at least three tasks.

First, identify a single topic (Abortion) and provide a brief explanation of it (i.e., demonstrate your knowledge of this issue) by drawing on at least one text from among the course readings listed in the syllabus and at least one scholarly source from outside of that list.

Second, support with argumentation your selection of this topic as one that is being underserved by contemporary discourse on sexual ethics. Answer questions like: Why is abortion relevant to religion? What makes it so important? How has it been understated in the discourse to this point? (to list only a few examples).

Finally, identify concept of Women’s Right that draws attention away from the one under examination. Explain how it takes attention away from the issue being discussed and what can or should be done to rectify the situation. How all women have the right to make decisions for one’s body and their own reproductive capacity regardless of religious, and moral issues.

**** PLEASE use the 3 sources from the attached files + 1 outside source.

Format Instructions

The essay should be approximately 1300-1500 words (5-6 pages) in length and must be double-spaced with standard 1 inch margins. Include full name, course title and date submitted in the top left corner of the document. Use parenthetical citations when referring to or quoting from the text: e.g., (Browning, 345). While no bibliographic information for course sources is required, a full bibliographic citation must be entered for any outside sources employed while properly citing them in the text as well (either using a parenthetical or footnote citation method). The essay must include a brief introduction and a brief conclusion. The thesis should be easily identified by the reader and located in one of the first paragraphs of the essay (on the first page or very early on the second). Present each point in the essay in a separate paragraph marked by a small indent. Remember that the space between paragraphs should also be double-spaced, not larger. Proofread the essay carefully in order to fix grammatical errors or unclear/awkward formulations. Avoid repetition and personal reflection unless absolutely unavoidable.
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