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Examine the role that managers play in avoiding and overcoming resistance to change and the value that resistance can bring to the change process

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Leadership & Change

pls make a response to the following statement

Part 1: Change is nothing new and a simple fact of life. Some people actively thrive on new challenges and constant change, while others prefer the comfort of the status quo and strongly resist any change. Part 2: It is all down to the personality of the individual and there is little management can do about resistance to change (Mullins 2010: 753).

Structure: So, having identified the 2 parts to this theme you can now start to structure your response: We are looking for you to introduce the theme, reference the theory, use real examples and conclude using your own words and views, backed up by the theory.

• Part 1: Based on your leadership research, debate the statement, providing arguments for and against the point of view proposed by Mullins.

• Part 2: Examine the role that managers play in avoiding and overcoming resistance to change and the value that resistance can bring to the change process*

• What change management models would you recommend to managers and why?

• What organisational examples from your chosen industry illustrate this debate?

• What are your conclusions from this debate for your understanding about how change could be managed in your chosen industry?

*e.g. If leaders listen to feedback from employees during the resistance phase of the change they may benefit from insight and opinion from employees.


1. Made reference to change management theories, including one useful model, analysing the advantages and limitations of the model.

2. Used real-life industry examples to highlight the impact effective change management can have on helping subordinates to accept change.

3. Made recommendations for managers on how to use knowledge of change management theories and models to produce better results.

Notes:: Theoretical framework:
o Lewin’s 3 step of change
o How people react to change?
• Kulber Change curve
o Mueller & Ebestein change theory
o Schlossberg transision theory
o Kotter 8 step change model
o Example: Ricardo Semler (Semco)
Ron Williams (Aetna)

please see this link how it should be done
Blog 4: Leadership and Change
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