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Topic: Please write a position paper on a contemporary ethical issue

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Please write a position paper on a contemporary ethical issue: Race and Ethnicity. It is a good idea to find relevant cases for the topic you want to write about (e.g., Terry Schiavo\’s case for euthanasia). Research beforehand (about 2-3 articles) to find a narrow topic. Identify ethical issues, discuss/evaluate ethical positions of all parties involved, then formulate/defend your own ethical position by formulating a clear thesis statement and at least three strong supporting arguments. Keep in mind, you are not reviewing/summarizing articles, but formulating your position, based on evaluating ethical issues involved. Avoid using first/second person (I/we/our/you) language and vague language (it, this). Be sure to proofread/edit carefully before submission. Include References (at least two reliable sources). Come up with a \”catchy title\” for your paper (e.g., \”To Clone of Not to Clone\”)
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