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Discussion coursework

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This board is focused on cultural, political and economic issues, and may include population, gender, urbanization, geopolitical conflict, and issues related to economic development.

***I selected a topic for you is about cultural issues in the South East Asia, the girl circumcision.***
I also upload two sample of paper from my two classmates for you.

The purpose of these posts is for you to research, on your own, something about a place that is new to you, and share it with your classmates. The post cannot be based on personal information or experience.
Please use only reliable sources for your information. You may use scholarly articles or books, or reliable, scholarly websites. Well-known non-profit or non-governmental websites (the United Nations, etc.) or government websites are acceptable. You may also use news articles from reliable news sources, such as the New York Times, the BBC, CNN, etc.
Please include the source of information at the bottom of your post.

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