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Identify and briefly discuss three basic differences in HR practices between medical groups and other healthcare organizations, including hospitals.

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No references needed. In your own words please answer the following. The additional readings can be done from online sources. Please put the lesson number above the answer.
Lesson 1
Visit the web site of any local health care organization and identify one ad for professional level employees (physicians, nurses, therapists, Lab or X-Ray Techs, etc.). In one or two paragraphs, discuss how effective you think this ad is in attracting the targeted applicants and what you would suggest to make the ad more effective.
Lesson 2
In Chapter 1 of Managing Human Resources, Shi and Lindstrom address a number of HR Challenges. One major challenge is the required evolution from paper medical records to electronic medical records (or EMR). Please do some additional reading on this topic and briefly discuss several additional challenges or issues involved with converting from paper to electronic medical records, whether by institutions or physician practices.
Lesson 3
In Chapter 3 of Managing Human Resources, Mark Burns addresses the importance of organizational culture as it relates to HR. After all, a job is held within a specific organization and that organization has a major impact not only on the job duties but the manner in which the job performance is conducted. Briefly discuss the relationship between job design and organizational culture.
Lesson 4
In Chapter 6 of Managing Human Resources, Kanak Gautam addresses the challenges of managing the HR process within large integrated healthcare delivery systems. Unlike individual hospitals or medical groups, some of the HR functions commonly controlled by independent organizations, such as compensation and benefits, collective bargaining and training and development, are often under the direction of a centralized corporate HR office. Briefly discuss how this may impact, positively or negatively, basic HR functions of the separate entities operating under an integrated healthcare system.
Lesson 6
In Chapter 7 of Managing Human Resources, Kotter and Burnett discuss HR within the context of managed care. Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest HMOs in the U.S., is somewhat unique in California in that it not only is an insurance company but also directly provides hospital and physician services to its members. Briefly discuss some of the challenges facing Kaiser relative to human resources.
Lesson 7
In Chapter 8 of Managing Human Resources, Susan Sportsman discusses HR within the context of hospitals which are among the largest employers in the healthcare industry. There are about 5,000 general acute care hospitals in the U.S., down from about 7,000 30 years ago, mostly due to the closure of small rural hospitals and the emergence of ambulatory care centers which are more convenient and less expensive. Briefly discuss some of the challenges facing hospital human resources management given the 24/7 availability of services .
Lesson 8
Identify and briefly discuss three basic differences in HR practices between medical groups and other healthcare organizations, including hospitals.
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