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Read and analyze the primus sales force survey thoroughly

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Please don\’t write an introduction for this paper, just go straight to the point. Read and analyze the primus sales force survey thoroughly, if you dont read the whole paper then you wont be able to work on this assignment. I am uploading the article in the attachment. Again, make sure to read and analyze the article. This is not well-written survey questions so you have to critique that.
We will be considering the design of a survey administered to the Primus sales force: Primus Sales Force Survey revised(1).pdf

First, critique the survey questions, drawing on the lecture and the article by Hutton in the Melcrum magazine (posted in the Week 3 Reading folder — some background on Primus\’ communication activities is also posted there). Criteria should include clarity of wording, whether responses will provide actionable information, and methodology — all the questions in the survey use a 7-point Likert scale.

Second, in reviewing the survey results, identify 3 patterns or findings that require immediate attention from the Primus communication team.
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