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Write 1 paragraph proposing what you will argue in your research paper. :Mobile Phone in Our Life

Project description
Hello there, Below is my teacher Assignment, please follow the direction. Thanks!

Write 1 paragraph proposing what you will argue in your research paper. Please Be sure that you choose a question that is both challenging and grounded, as well as focused. You do not want to choose something too broad or too specific. Of course, you may revise your proposal as needed during your research process.
Please begin your paragraph by (stating the question you plan to research). This is not your thesis. Your research will decide your answer to the question, which will become your thesis. (explain why you are interested in this topic) and (what you hope to argue) (what do you hope your thesis will be). For example, you may hope to argue that social media allows for more bullying in high schools. Your research will then be about \”why\” social media creates more bullying in schools.

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