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ANALYSIS OF A CURRENT TREND IN INTERNATIONAL INTELLIGENCE PARTNERING. Write a brief essay (500-1000 words) highlighting a significant development in the trend of international intelligence partnerships, manifesting since the turn of the century (i.e., in the past 15 years, approximately). Include at least these elements in your response:
1. Identify, either on your own or with references, a current specific development or major trend that is affecting norms and patterns for international intelligence partnerships, sharing, cooperation, or similar relationships.
2. Characterize and define the trend and clearly identify the primary causal factors behind it, – e.g., political, geographical, economic, cultural, technological, etc., – and cite some of the countries’ intelligence relationships affected, and how, and why. I.e., provide some detail of a specific relationship affected by this trend.
3. Finally, identify at least two significant implications of this trend or development, such as regarding national foreign policy or security policy making. Relate your discussion to topics we have addressed in class or course readings/literature, e.g., benefits, risks, political context, culture, and the actual or likely impact on intelligence organizations and/or professionals (e.g., training, resources, geographic orientation, organization, technology, etc.).

*** Explore how Cuba\’s economic reliance on Venezuela has recently decreased. In turn Cuba has opened up talks with the US which has cause an influx of Cuban migrants to central and south America attempting to make their way to the United States to seek asylum.
*** Prefer peer review scholarly article.

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