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write on the intelligence relationship between the US and UK, or with France or Germany during the Cold War

Imagine you have extensive resources, and three years available, to carry on Walsh’s line of research to make a stronger or clearer case for the value and utility of “hierarchy” and “relational contracting” as a theoretical framework for better understanding of international intelligence cooperation, and for better informing associated policy making and strategic design. Write a brief essay, 800 – 1200 words in length, describing how you would organize a research plan and case study(ies) to further demonstrate or test Walsh’s theories and ideas. Be sure to cite at least one specific (current or historical) international intelligence partnership or arrangement of your choice to apply your research. I.e., describe which countries are involved, and why. Describe briefly what data or observations could be made, and how, then how these data or indicators would build on Walsh’s work in the MSI 627 text.
Note, this exercise is to propose an experiment or research plan, and explain its design. It is NOT to conduct the actual research; you do not need to determine the results for this exam! You may wish to describe, however, how certain results, if confirmed, might appear and how they would further develop Walsh’s theoretical framework around the idea of “hierarchy.”
Remember to apply Walsh\’s concepts and definitions for \”hierarchy\” in your plan and proposal, and his thesis, principles and tenets of hierarchy. You may reference the Walsh text heavily; you need not waste space summarizing or repeating his text in your essay. Your essay may follow the same organization Walsh uses in his case studies if you wish, i.e., geopolitical situation for context up front (e.g., WW II), an overview of the transactional potential benefits, risks, and costs of establishing and maintaining the relationship, and the degree to which, and means whereby, hierarchy was incorporated into the partnership (or not). You should clearly identify and scope the parties to the relationship (from at least two different countries, and they need not include the USA), and each countries\’ purpose or objective for the arrangement. You should then characterize the relationship as relatively hierarchal or not, and explain how or why incorporating Walsh\’s framing concepts helps better (compared to other analytic or political frameworks) understand the strategic implications, forecast strategic developments, or inform national level policy or strategy.
You MAY NOT use the Walsh case studies presented in his book. I.e., you may NOT write on the intelligence relationship between the US and UK, or with France or Germany during the Cold War, but you MAY write about intelligence cooperation between those countries before or after the time frames addressed in the Walsh text. You MAY write about the relationship you addressed for your in-class presentation, or about which you\’re writing your course paper, or master\’s thesis, so long as they are not those used by Walsh. You may also use cases from the Alexander text, if/as appropriate, but be sure to properly cite (endnote) all quotes and thematic references.
***Please explore the relationship between Cuba and Venezuela in terms of Walsh\’s theory on hierarchy.
***Sources must be peer reviewed scholarly articles.

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