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Discuss Contemporary Challenges in Leadership and Management

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Assignment Specification

Produce a report in the form of an essay that critically analyses no more than three specific aspects of leadership or management within the context of an organisation with which you are familiar. You should succinctly summarise the organisation and its context, before critically discussing the leadership and management issues and the wider contemporary research and debates around the themes in question. Your report should conclude with recommendations for the future.

In considering the issues, your report should: explore the relationship between management and leadership practices, behaviours and positive organisational outcomes make reference to numerous relevant theories, research and academic papers that should underpin the discussion consider discussions in the press, professional circles or networks and your own practice relevant to the issue selected

Assessment Presentation, Marking and Grading

When marking this assignment the academics will also be looking for the following criteria:

• Appropriate focus, meeting learning outcomes/assignment criteria.
• Logical progression and structure of arguments.
• (Normally) an introduction, a well-developed discussion and a conclusion summarising the work.
• The introduction will include an exploration of the focus of the assignment and discuss the way the assignment has been approached.
• Evidence of a range of relevant supporting reading from credible academic sources.
• Use of accurate, evidence based information to support the arguments made.
• Follow normal academic regulations in terms of academic offences, style and language.
• Use the Harvard system of referencing and include a bibliography that lists all resources referenced.
• Clear legible presentation.
• Good use of spelling, grammar and language throughout.
• A statement which says you have checked your Turnitin originality report and are certain that the work is your own (and has never been submitted for marking before by you, or anyone else).
• Maintain the confidentiality of clients/customers and persons associated with them, colleagues and organisations.
• This module uses a grading scale applicable to Levels 6 in the University Credit Framework.
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