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Explain The role of social media in arab spring? How did it influence political communication in Egypt. (MA Media and Mass communication)

Methodology Brief

You are required to discuss your chosen methodology in the form of a written account that should be approximately 2,500 words in length.

The methodology assignment should include the following elements (you will be assessed according to how effectively you have addressed these elements):

An in-depth discussion of your overall approach to investigating your research topic – this will detail your chosen methods and justify your selection of those methods
Examination of how previous scholars have approached the study of your topic area (or similar topics) – this section will assist you with justifying your methodology because it will enable you to assess the advantages and limitations with using certain methods
Reflection – this section will explore the challenges (or potential challenges) you have faced (or anticipate facing) when conducting your research. It will allow you to reflect upon your role as a researcher and how your methodology has (or will) influence your research findings.


The account of your methodology will be approximately 2,500 words in length, not including the indicative bibliography. It will be submitted electronically under the Assignments tab on the Blackboard site for 7005MC. It will be double-spaced and referenced to Harvard-APA standards.

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