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Write an Analysis of Donald Trump’s rhetoric

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Guidelines for Extra Credit
Analysis of Donald Trump’s rhetoric, views and treatment of minority groups, and response to current events, such as what happened in Orlando through the framework of ch. 8

As you do your analysis:
• Whatever samples of Trump’s words or actions you choose have to be properly sourced, whether it is a newspaper or online article, video clip, TV clip or TV news clip
• “My mom/friend told me” or “people say” do NOT count as a source
• Please include the date of the source (I mean the date the article was published, the news were aired, the speech was given)
• You may use whatever writing style you use in your discipline (Chicago, MLA, APA, etc. Please be consistent, though.)
• Don’t take anything out of context. If necessary, give a brief explanation of what was the context of the words or the actions.
• Make sure that any personal opinion that you may give is well informed and justified.

• Introduce Donald Trump briefly
• Introduce ch. 8 briefly (what it talks about, what concepts are presented in it, the goals of the chapter)
• Choose three key concepts from the chapter, define them, and exemplify them using Trump’s word or actions.
• Using either the Stereotype Content Model (PPT 8) or the Intergroup Attribution Section (PPT 16), analyze Trump’s views about minority groups. Give examples.
• Using Schaefer’s four explanations of how prejudice happen, hypothesize on the source(s) of Trump’s views of the minority groups he disparages.
• Look at the four discriminatory practices (PPT 20) and explain what type of discrimination most likely will take place if he takes office and why.
• Make suggestions and recommendations. How can we counteract Trump’s rhetoric? What can one do as an individual? As a community? As a country?
• Other?

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