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What are the pros and cons of the recent efforts to expand the use of renewable energy?

 Write TWO Essays: Answer Question 1, and a question from Part B. Each question has several parts: be
sure to answer all component parts of the essay question. Write each essay separately, and add the
question number at the start of the essay. Do not combine your responses to the questions into one
 Format: double spaced, 10-12 font, 1-inch margins. Add a separate title page with your name. Citation
format: Use either footnotes or in-text citations to refer to your sources. The essays should be about 8-
10 pages in length (total for both essays)
 These are integrative essays: the best approach is to use/draw from all of the assigned readings
(books/articles) to demonstrate how they relate to the question.
 Use/cite all relevant sources from the assigned readings (Yergin, Bradshaw, articles, notes, and other
assigned readings). Successful exams must document the use of course sources in completing each
essay. Use of sources that are not assigned in this course is strongly discouraged.
 Your own evaluation/opinion is important, but do not neglect to engage with and include the assigned
readings that are relevant
 The Midterm Exam is worth 25% of the final course grade.
PART A: Complete this question

1. Bradshaw’s Global Energy Dilemmas: What are the main differences in the experiences of energy dilemmas
across the four types of countries described in Bradshaw’s book? What accounts for differences in the energy
intensity, and carbon intensity of economic growth, across regions and over time? What are the implications of
these patterns for the adoption of renewable energy sources across the four regions? Based on the evidence in
the book, what predictions can you make about energy and climate change policies across the four regions?
PART B: Do one question from the list below

2. Nuclear power: Much was expected of nuclear technology, and nuclear power makes an important
contribution to global energy production. What are the advantages nuclear power as a source of energy? What
are the risks and limitations? What are the technological, policy and political challenges that would need to be
addressed in order to overcome these obstacles? Is nuclear energy a viable option for developing countries? In
your estimation, what are the prospects for an expansion of the use of nuclear power?

3. Renewable Energy: What are the pros and cons of the recent efforts to expand the use of renewable energy?
What are the economic and technological obstacles that would need to be overcome in order to expand their
use? In your estimation, what are the most effective policies that could be adopted to overcome these
obstacles? Is renewable energy a viable alternative for developing countries? Be sure to discuss all of the
renewable energy technologies and policy measures.

4. Energy and Technology: ‘New technologies have greatly aided the expansion of global energy supplies like oil,
natural gas and coal’. Write an essay that describes the application of technologies in global energy (e.g. oil, gas,
coal, nuclear, renewables). In your estimatio

I think you need a book for part one

this is the book details

\” Global energy dilemmas \” by michael bradshaw

I don\’t know if this exam needs sources

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