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Define “hunger.” Malnutrition or malnourishment. And why it is a problem of the South.

Do the EVERYONE DISCUSS question and FIVE additional questions for a total of SIX entries.  You must write the question number AND the entire question/prompt before you answer the question/prompt.

1) Define “hunger.” Malnutrition or malnourishment. And why it is a problem of the South.

2) Define “North” and “South” as they pertain to IR.

3) How did colonialism impact farming in general? What are colonialism’s legacies in the developing world?

4) What is the difference between colonialism and imperialism?

5) Compare and contrast capitalist and socialist perspectives on economic growth and capital.

6) How can we measure prosperity? What is the best measure?

7) What is dependency theory? What are its assumptions?

8) What is world systems theory? What are its assumptions?

9) What is ISI? Give an example.

10) What is EOI or EOG? Give an example.

11) What is the semi-periphery? What are the NICs? How did these countries industrialize?

12) What are some of the shortcomings of dependency and modernization theory as outlined in class lecture?

13) What lessons can the developing states learn from the NICs?

14) Describe the challenges of concentrating capital for manufacturing and an alternative to capitalization – microcredit.

15) Choose one of the following and explain how they have developed/are trying to develop: China, India, Mexico, Turkey or Nigeria.

16) Discuss the international debt crisis, its causes, and possible solutions.

17) Discuss the role of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in providing multilateral loans to developing countries, including IMF conditionality.

18) Discuss efforts by Less Developed Countries to restructure the international economic system.

19) What is Foreign Assistance? What countries contribute the most? What countries receive the most aid?

20) What are some of the key issues involving foreign assistance?

21) What are the three models of development assistance? Which is the best and why?

22) EVERYONE DO – go to the BBC and find an article that SPECIFICALLY discusses an issue or topic or concept or theory covered in either chapter 12 or 13/lecture of the course. How does the article help explain the issue/topic/concept/theory/ No Repeat answers

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