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explain why managers should be ethical.

Read the \”Ethics\” Powerpoint slides and watch the YouTube video (it\’s in the same link as the Powerpoint slides). Based on the slides, explain why managers should be ethical. Also, explain why it can be difficult to be ethical at times? Post this in the designated Discussion Board forum. You must also post a reply to another student\’s submission in a separate post, as well. Both are required, students receive no credit if both posts are not present. Post your directly in the forum, DO NOT post attachments.

Your work MUST include:

1. Your responses to the material assignment. Your perspective should select an angle and analyze the pros and cons of that angle. This is worth up to 50 points. It should demonstrate critical thinking at its best. Simplistic comments that lack analysis are not encouraged nor receive good grades.

2a. A specific, detailed actual organizational example of your point that is from your own organization (or an organization where you were previously employed). This is worth up to 25 points.

2b. An actual example that is NOT from your workplace nor any organization in which you have had an affiliation. It cannot be an organization that your family members or friends have any affiliation, either. This is worth up to 25 points. Your organizational examples cannot be hypothetical at all. They must be actual and can be from any industry or type of organization. Suppose you think that organizational change is challenging due to managing others\’ work. You must provide an actual organizational example that is NOT only from your own workplace nor any organization in which you have had an affiliation. As a example, recently a U.S. postal employee was filmed throwing packages in people\’s yards, which resulted in broken package contents. The employee was reprimanded and, possibly, could be terminated. Does this suggest that the Post Office should change how it monitors mail carriers on their delivery routes? Why or why not? As this is an example (the post office story) given by the professor, students CANNOT use it for their own work-you will receive a poor grade if you do. All organizational examples must name the specific organization and must include specifics about the example at that specific organization.

***You Cannot Utilize President Barack Obama or his administration at all as an example for this assignment. Students are encouraged to seek a diversity of organizational examples.If someone has already posted an example, you cannot use the same example. Students are penalized for posting organizational examples that were already utilized by another student. This necessitates reading all of the Discussion Board posts before posting your own work.

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