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List the top 6 risks for people going into a hospital for surgery.

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Web MD lists the top 6 risks for people going into a hospital for surgery as:

(1) Medication errors; (2) MRSA and other hospital-acquired infections; (3) Pneumonia; (4) Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT); (5) Bleeding after surgery; and (6) Anesthesia complications.

Q6.1.A. Apply a why/why chart or a cause & effect diagram to this scenario and discuss how it could be used to analyze and attempt to prevent ONE of those risks.

Q6.1.B. Use Force Field Analysis to analyze WHERE A HOSPITAL IS NOW (has 6 risks) and WHERE THE HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES WANT IT TO BE (risk free).

Q6.1.C. Apply the 5Ps Model to this scenario and discuss how hospitals and the potential risks they face can be better managed.

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