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Identify its denotative meaning. What does the symbol mean in the context of the story?

Select one symbolic element from \”A Rose for Emily.\”

Identify its denotative meaning.
What does the symbol mean in the context of the story? (What is its connotative meaning in the story?) Be sure to use specific details from the story to illustrate the symbolic meaning.
Discuss the symbol\’s significance to the story (i.e., what did it add to the possible meaning of the story?).
Include a statement that identifies whether the symbol is traditional, conventional, or literary.
The purpose of the assignment is to show that you thoroughly understand symbolism and the terminology we covered in this module.

Length/Format Requirements:

The assignment should be a minimum of one to two (1-2) typed, double-spaced pages not including the Works Cited page. Use a 12 point font in Times New Roman or Arial. Margins should be 1\” on all sides. Do not use a title page, but use a proper MLA heading, and title your assignment.

Quoting and Documenting Requirements:

You are required to use quoted material in this assignment; the quotes must be properly documented within the text and on a Works Cited page using correct and current MLA documentation style. If you are not sure how to use MLA style, here is a good place to start: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/. There are some links are provided on the Module 9 “Additional Resources” page and the “Get Help” page under the “Getting Started” Module. Also, there are examples in the textbook, and any current grammar handbook should cover this format. (Reminder: MLA format was updated in 2009, so be sure you are using an updated reference).

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