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The issues with the Right to Information in the Caribbean or another other Commonwealth nation.

Write a 800 word blog about the access to information and commonwealth (specifically carribbean) focus on one to three islands to outline the problem.
This is a blog for the commonwealth human rights org. so make sure its politically inclined and related to human rights and global governance and democracy etc. write about the situation in the carribbean and the poor access to justice for citizens. Informal writing as this is a blog not an acedemic piece. This is my intro that I have written thus far. Discuss the sustainable development goal 16.10 which aims for the public access to information and protect fundamental freedoms in accordance to national legislation and int. agreements.

You can either write about the carribean as I don’t think they have legislations in place for the access to information or you can write about another commonwealth country that may have legislations in place however do not follow it (don’t really allow citizens to access info)

please provide an outline
its not an essay but a blog so make the language of the writting and style similar to that of a human rights blog.
you do not neeed references however do not plagerise. take a stance and make the article/blog interesting to read and easy to follow.

if you choose to write about a carribean commonwealth nation then state how they are not signing a legislation to allow for the right to information if you are choosing another commonwealth nation you can discuss how they might have a legislation in place allowing for the right and acess to information however do not really practice it. you can talk about any naiton but not india.

this is what i had started to write….

Access to information is a fundamental human right and a key ingredient for the function of democracy. It is a citizens basic human right to be able to access information from the government and from public bodies. Within the commonwealth, currently only 37% of nations have national legislations in place allowing for the access of information. I will disscuss the Caribbean as they are a region amongst many that do not have legislations in place allowing for the right to information.

The access to information is also known as the right to information (RTI), the two are interchangeable. Without the right to information, governments cannot be held accountable for their actions nor can their actions be legitimized thus failing to live up to the standards of democracy.

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