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Topic: What effects did the switch from prescription opioid abuse to heroin have on staten island?

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Answer the research question- What effects did the switch from prescription opioid abuse to heroin have on staten island? Research the drug abuse problem in Staten Island, New York ONLY! Compare and contrast the problem to national community health data. Utilize Healthy People 2010 and Healthy People 2020 goals, and the Millennium goals 2015 to discuss the community health problem. Describe the problem in depth. Cite the evidence that supports your problem- NYC department of health and mental hygiene website, CDC, WHO, community newpaper articles(Silive.com). Describe the community issue in detail and the scope of this health problem in the local community and globally. Include references to any recent newspaper or internet sources about this health problem in the community and any recent unfortunate events. CITE ALL REFERENCES IN APA FORMAT!

**Make sure to discuss the statistics of overdoses comparing prescription drugs and heroin, mention the morbidity and mortality rates and the age ranges of abusers.

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