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Explain what transforms an athletic event into a spectacle?

Part 5

watch the video it is only 35 minutes long ( start at min 15 to the end)

answer each Q within 50 word no more.

each answer should be under each Q



  • What transforms an athletic event into a spectacle? How do you experience life in a “media-centric” world?
  • What are the relationships between individual identity and identity mediated by technology and advertising?
  • What do you think Pfeiffer means when he states that we live in a world of “perceptual overload?”
  • How do they surface in the titles of his work?
  • In work taken from professional sports footage, Pfeiffer presents images that address heroism, winning, and losing.
  • How does Pfeiffer critique or comment on these ideas? Enter the mind of an athlete and consider how he or she feels in the spotlight, during play, after play, after a win, or after a loss.



Part 6

watch the video it is only 25 minutes long ( start at min 35 to the end)

answer each Q within 50 word no more.

each answer should be under each Q

answer the Q don`t write any things more



“Is it the artist who gives the work power? Or is it the viewer?”

When viewing an artwork, do you need to know the story or the context behind the work in order to understand it?

How do you relate to her works of art?Would a female relate to these pieces differently from a male?

How does this artwork relate to storytelling and what story or stories does the work of art convey?

The artwork Lick and Lather refers to historical and contemporary ideas about representation and gender.

From what references does Antoni draw?Where have representations of gender traditionally been found?

Where else to we see representations of women that comment on traditional ideas of gender?

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