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What is the main “issue” and applicable “law” in the Mathias v Accor Economy Lodging, Inc. case?

a. What is the main “issue” and applicable “law” in the Mathias v Accor Economy Lodging, Inc. case? (This case summary cites several laws – precedent – you may select only one law which the court applies to the facts to resolve the issue. Be sure to cite the “law” which is relevant to the issue that you select.)

b. What is the main “issue” and applicable law in the Stahlecker v.Ford Motor case ?


c. What is the “law” (any cited cases?) and “holding” in the (what did the Court decide  in this specific case?) Millan v. Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc.. case?

d. Give a brief example of apparent, actual and implied authority: you may create your own example (no more than 1 paragraph will suffice). You may use a hypothetical, or simply explain the differences.

f.  Give an example when a police officer may conduct a warrant-less search of a person without violating the U.S. Constitution.

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