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Describe the relationship of RL on the secondary voltage.

Watch the videos

Week 4 Video Lecture – Multisim Transformers

Consider the circuit demonstrated in this week’s presentations. With the turns ratio modified to 20:1, calculate the following values of Vs and Is for the given values of RL in the table below:

RL Calculated Vs Calculated Is Measured Vs Measured Is

0 Ω

10 Ω

25 Ω

50 Ω

100 Ω

1000 Ω

Construct the transformer circuit in MultiSIM and complete the table in part 2 with the measured values of Vs and Is for each value of RL. Use the Agilent Digital Multi-meter to take the measurements and capture a screen shot of each measurement.

Discuss the following:

Describe the relationship of RL on the secondary voltage.

Describe the relationship of RL on the secondary current.

How do the calculated values compare to the measured values?

How would you go about calculating the transformer power efficiency?

How would you go about measuring the transformer power efficiency?

Determine the transformer power efficiency for the circuit in MultiSIM. Include a calculation and a measured value.

Include all calculations, screenshots of measurements, the table results of part 2 and the answers to part 4 in a word processing document and submit as EE115W4LabYourGID.docx, or an equivalent word processing file extension.

Please include lab report, to be completed as one document. Lab report template is attached

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